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 Make Your Body Happy 

 - In a way that feels good to you 

We are all different. No two minds, hearts, bodies are the same. 

Why Rie_mols?

This webpage was created to share recipes that are easy to make, nourishing, yet flavourful and a catch to the eye. In addition it was created to encourage others to do their best, find what feels good to them and to never give up.

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 Why nutrition? 

After I was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 12 I grew an interest in nutrition, and also topics like motivation, habit change and mindset. When I first started off on a gluten free diet I felt a bit confused and lost. I didn't have any knowledge about what gluten was. I remember I went to a birthday shortly after I got the diagnosed. I hadn't called and asked what we where having for dinner or said that I couldn't eat gluten. At the party we ate pizza, and I remember calling my mom after and said "We ate pizza, but I only ate two slices, is that a lot?". For anyone who don´t know, that is a lot.


When I was 18, I applied for collage to understand nutrition more in depth. This summer I finished my bachelor degree and I´m currently taking a master to become a certified dietician. What I learned during these three years helped me, and I started to find it fun to cook and experiment with making recipes that are gluten free, tasty and healthy. All together this sparked the idea to build a place where I could continue to create and have fun.

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I have a bachelor degree in nutrition and currently taking a master to become a certified dietitian. I try to encoroporate as much tips and information as possible into my work.  

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